I want to give my tickets to someone else

I want to give my tickets to someone else

Tickets can be transferred by the purchaser to the purchaser's family or friends by forwarding the relevant emails. 

The first email you will receive is a booking confirmation which the purchaser will receive within 30 minutes of purchase. This email can be forwarded at any time. 

The second email will be a check-in email from Nimax Theatres. Approximately 72 hours before the performance starts (for example, at 8pm on Wednesday for an 8pm Saturday performance), an email is sent to you as the purchaser.  The email comes from NIMAX Theatres @nimaxtheatres.com – please look out for it, checking your junk mail folder and your All Mail folder (for Gmail users) or your 'Other' folder (for Hotmail and Live users) if you do not see it in your inbox after the expected time. Please forward the online check-in email to the gift recipient to complete.  

If they successfully complete the process then the third email will be e-tickets from Nimax Theatres, again to the purchaser's email address. These should be forwarded to the recipient for admission. 

If you do not receive your e-tickets the recipient should attend the box office on arrival at the theatre. If this is the case, a little extra time should be allowed if possible.

If there are any problems with this process please contact us at Mischief Tickets.

You can also download a Mischief Tickets Gift Certificate from here and fill it in to gift the recipient before the check-in process.

A purchase forms a contract between the purchaser and Mischief Tickets.  The contract is made on the Terms and Conditions of sale.  The contract is non-transferable and remains between the purchaser and Mischief Tickets regardless of who uses the tickets to attend the performance.

Tickets are not sold with the right to resell and any transfer made other than as described above is in breach of the Terms & Conditions of Sale.  If we have reason to believe that a breach of this type has occurred, the purchase is liable to be cancelled without notice and without entitlement to a refund.